What is youtrendit?

This question that can be answered very quickly: youtrendit is the platform for encouraging and rewarding creativity. Sounds a bit abstract at first, doesn't it? Well, that's why we have this blog post for you.

You've probably thought about being creative at some point. You have certainly had ideas at some point. But somehow they mostly just stayed as ideas, right?

That is understandable. In order for a creative thought to become an idea, you first need a channel that helps shape the ideas. This ensures that an idea becomes something alive; you need creative collaborators who recognize the potential of the idea and take part in the implementation of the idea.

And this is exactly how trends arise:

  • A thought that becomes an idea that becomes a trend.

Youtrendit is geared precisely towards this process.

Trends can be easily started on youtrendit:

  1. You open the page via Start New Trend.
  2. You come up with a hashtag that fits your trend so that it can be found more quickly.
  3. You define a short trend description so that everyone can understand your trend.

And that’s it! Your trend has been created and now you just have to invite a few friends to join in and see whether your trend also convinces other participants.

Like how it is in other areas of life, whether something becomes a trend is not determined by the number of participating contributions but by their quality. For this reason, we have developed a reward mechanism using TrendPoints. On youtrendit, every trender has the opportunity to give TrendPoints to every trend contribution, from 0 to 100 according to opinion and conviction. So, it is possible that a trend with only a few or even just a single exceptional trend post reaches true trend status. For example, there have only been three stratospheric jumps in history, but these have occupied people all over the world for months afterwards.

Such exceptional contributions deserve exceptional rewards. And that's why we've created Achievements. With the help of Achievements, measurable goals for trend contributions can be defined (according to the motto: encouraging and rewarding creativity), which are considered a creative challenge for the trend. On youtrendit, we are currently defining the measurability of the popularity of the posts primarily via the number of TrendPoints, but other factors should also be taken into account over time.

We hope we have given you a little insight into the world of youtrendit with this blog entry. Be curious about the upcoming ones, because we not only want to be factual, but also give tips and tricks on how to make the most of youtrendit for yourself.

Stay safe and don't forget: TRENDERS GONNA TREND.

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