Our first Trend and Achievements: #TvrtkoPozz


Hi Trenders,

after months of testing with a small group of trenders, we've decided to slowly open up youtrendit to all creators who want to join our TrendRevolution.

Since we built our first connection with the brand Revolt from Bosnia, we started our first little trend #TvrtkoPozz in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Anyone can take part, but the achievements are primarily intended for trenders with an address from Bosnia.

To spark the creativity in everyone, we've launched two Achievements that can be obtained:

1. Achievement

// Goal: Reach the most points by Sunday, 10/01/23, 6:00 p.m.

// Reward: GIFT CARD worth 200 KM (100 Euro) for the REVOLT store in Sarajevo.

// Achievement Link: https://www.youtrendit.com/achievement/tvrtkopozz/36/

// Link to GIFT CARD: https://revolt.ba/our-shop/gift-card/


2. Achievement

// Goal: Achieve at least 2,000 points.

// Reward: GIFT CARD worth 50KM (25 Euro) for the REVOLT store in Sarajevo.

// Achievement Link: https://www.youtrendit.com/achievement/tvrtkopozz/35/

// Link to GIFT CARD: https://revolt.ba/our-shop/gift-card/

// Btw: While the 1st achievement can only be won once, the 2nd achievement can be achieved 10 times (first 10 Trenders who reach the goal).

The points of fake accounts are invalid and may result in us removing the uploaded post and trender from youtrendit.com.

We will contact all Achievements winners via email to ask for the address to send the GIFT CARD they won.

To everyone who is not from Bosnia and Herzegovina:
These Achievements are primarily aimed at trenders from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
If you know shops in your country that offer vouchers or coupons, you can share your suggestions via email to vedran@youtrendit.com so that we can get in touch with them as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance!

Link to trend #TvrtkoPozz: https://www.youtrendit.com/trend/TvrtkoPozz/

Greetings to everyone and

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